We offer the relaxation treatment in our comfortable SPA bath. The bath is equipped with modern hydro massage system, that allows for perfect massage of the body which makes us relaxed and peaceful. During the massage the body temperature rises, body vessels widen, blood pressure drops down. Destroyed body tissues regenerate faster due to many nourishing substances and oxygen that are conveyed into cells during the bath. Body weight effect is minimized what decreases spinal load. Hydro massage cleanses the skin and removes toxin from the body. The treatment in the SPA bath will help you to regain tranquility, balance and inner peace, especially after long day spent at work.
We also offer modern sauna, place that will allow you to obtain harmony of your body and soul. The sauna not only hardens your body, but it also allows you to loose some weight, and purifies your organism. It prepares our body for fight with many infections and disease and strengthens the immune system. It also eases headaches and helps in case of some breath system diseases.
Secrets of sauna are connected with cycles of cold and warm baths. Thanks to this treatment the skin of the body gets purified from grease and dead cells. Because the skin is clean and smooth it starts to breathe much better, and it absorbs easily all nourishing and moisturizing substances.
Sauna makes your life better and healthier.