Meet Hotel „August”

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August Hotel is located in Brzesko, one of the most picturesque towns in Malopolska Province. Brzesko is situated on Uszwica River, next to the hillsides of the Carpathian Mountains. August Hotel is part of the buildings belonging to Okocim Brevery. It is bordering with Goetz Palace – one of the most interesting historical palace complex from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries located in Malopolska Province. The Hotel is surrounded by green area that encourages great walks and hikes. Children can spend time in the playground situated in the gardens. There are also tennis courts, bowling, swimming pool and stud.

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We offer single, double and triple rooms. We offer our accommodation for both individual clients, and group of guests. We have our own parking space.

We guarantee full professional service, nice and warm atmosphere.


August Hotel would like to invite you to the restaurant for exquisite and delicious old-fashioned Polish cuisine. You can find there everything that is associated with family dishes, and connected with culinary tradition of old Poland. You can taste there specialities of both noble class and countryside cuisine starting with poultry cooked in different ways, as well as roasted pork. Also, we can serve international cuisine dishes on a special request (French dishes, Italian dishes, etc.).

August ensures professional service that will meet the expectation of our guests. We pay attention to the way we serve our dishes, and to their quality and taste. August offers unique atmosphere during both private and business meetings thanks to its elegant, stylish interiors and good, stirring music.

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